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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

meanwhile and while you're waiting

Meanwhile back at the Kola Nut Hotel, Fred’s spider friends and Sir Wellington Moonboots, the celebrated web-engineer and the many other curious spiders who had come to check out the giant web, were still looking for Fred. They searched the area around the patio where the web had broken under their combined weight. The problem was he had been shot into the air so fast that none of them knew where he had gone. When they couldn’t find him they extended their search to the hotel’s environs, including the botanical gardens, the crazy golf course, the promenade, the beach and the sand dunes. Of course it was all a waste of time because he had been carried away on a cloud, as you know.

Meanwhile, back in the Imperial Kitchen, Benny was now in charge of the Imperial Meals. As you can imagine, it was hard work. One minute he would have to shout orders at his cooks and the next he would be creating a delicate brandy snap filigree cage with marzipan canaries or a hot jam volcano cake to serve a hundred.

© David Severn 2012

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