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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

day 57 and a legendary bird distracts Benny from the job

Benny looked everywhere in the Soup Shack, but Ron wasn’t there. He went to the window and looked out, expecting to see Ron on the ledge, getting some fresh air. But he wasn’t there either. Then Benny became aware of a strange sound coming from outside; a sort of cry that repeated every few seconds. “Wheee!........ Whooo!........ Wheee!........ etc.”
What was that? Some kind of bird? Was it the legendary six o’clock bird?! Benny opened the door of the Soup Shack and went out onto the ledge.
He looked up into the early morning gloom, hoping to see the legendary six o'clock bird, but then he heard the cry again, coming from below. “Wheee!”Benny looked down to the edge of the ledge where he saw Ron's head appear briefly before disappearing below the edge again. A couple of seconds later there was the sound again, “Whooo!”, and Ron's head rose up for an instant again. 
“What the....?!” muttered Benny, uncomprehendingly.. “Ron!” he shouted, running up to the edge.. “What are you doing?!”
Hey, Benny!” said Ron when his head re-appeared. “I found a trampoline!” he continued the next time.
Benny realised that Ron was bouncing up and down on the giant web that the spiders had made.
Ron, you peacock-brain!” shouted Benny. “Stop!”
Hang on!” said Ron. “You can have a go in a minute!”
Ron, stop now!” shouted Benny. “We've got a captive enemy agent in there, you know.”
Oh, yeah, right,” said Ron, doing an extra high bounce and somersaulting onto the ledge.
Benny and Ron walked back to the Soup Shack and went inside.
What the....?!” cried Benny. “She's gone!” It was true; the hammock she had slept in was empty.
Ooops!” said Ron.

© David Severn 2012

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