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Thursday, 11 October 2012

day fifty-seven and a blast

“We've got to get out of this pantry!” said Benny. “We can't let the Spy get away with the recipe!”
“But she locked the door and took the key!” said Ron.
Benny looked around on the shelves of the pantry. “I think..... somewhere.... yes, here we are... and ….. some of that.... and a bit of this..... and oooh!... that should do the trick!” said Benny.
“What's that?” said Ron.
“Just a minute – you'll see. Now, let me see if I can remember the recipe....” said Benny.
Ron and the spiders watched as Benny took a small bowl and shook some red, orange, yellow and black powders into it.
“What is it?” asked Ron.
“It's industrial-strength mustard powder, deadly chilli powder, fire-spice and cosmic black pepper,” said Benny, mixing the powder with a spoon.
Benny then added a bit of water and a dash of vinegar and made a paste, which he scooped up with the spoon and pushed into the keyhole.
“Ten – nine..” said Benny.
“Can you eat it – it looks great!” said Ron.
“Eight – seven – I don't advise it..” said Benny.
“Maybe spread thinly on toast?” said Ron.
“Six- five – if you want to blow your head off!” said Benny.
“Sounds good!” said Ron.
“Four – three – I'm serious” said Benny. “Get down everybody! Two – one!”
Everybody got down. A wisp of smoke came from the keyhole and then there was a very loud Bang! and the doorknob shot out like a cannonball and the pantry was filled with acrid smoke. The doorknob on the other side of the door also shot off and went flying straight through the open front door and hit a goat on the horns, sending it spinning off the edge of the ledge.

Don't try this at home, folks!
(The goat was o.k. but had a headache for a while.)

© David Severn 2012

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