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Thursday, 25 October 2012

day fifty-seven and take-away

“Thanks, Benny!” said Captain Cookie a few minutes later. “I’ll have a coffee to take out, please!”
As usual, this was the signal that it was time for the airship to get going again, and all the passengers started to leave the Soup Shack. Benny got the captain’s coffee and he took it away with him to the cockpit of the airship, where he switched the propellor back on ready for take off.
“What happens next?” said Ron.
“I’ve got to go back to the Imperial Kitchen to make dinner!” said Benny. 
‘I’m going back to the Imperial Palace too!” said the Spy.
“Wait a minute!” said Ron. “You were shooting a harpoon at us just a while ago!”
“Did I hit you?” asked the Spy.
“Well, no..” said Ron.
“Exactly! I know what I’m doing, you know -  I told you I’m a double-agent!” said the Spy.
“Err... “ said Ron. “So what are you going to do now?”
“I’ll go back to my job as courtroom stenographer. And I’ve decided to train to be a judge.” said the Spy.
“Pffllhhhh!” said Ron, dismissively.
“Goodbye, stork...” said the Spy, running out of the Soup Shack. “Goodbye, souperintendant!” she shouted to Benny. 
Ron and Benny went to the door and saw the Spy jump into the autogyro!

© David Severn 2012

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