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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

day fifty-seven and Benny comes back

The giant snowball was still dangling on the end of the harpoon-gun rope over the edge of the ledge ourside the Soup Shack. Frozen inside it were Ron and the Spy.
The wolf came around once but soon found there was nothing to eat except some raw vegetables and the Soup Shack was freezing cold because the door had been left open when Ron and the Spy were fighting and rolled out onto the ledge. Otherwise it was all quiet for days.
Then suddenly one morning there was the sound of an engine. Benny had taken a day-off from his job as head-chef at the Imperial Palace and had borrowed a small one-birdman autogyro, and he was coming in to land on the ledge. A spray of loose snow was thrown up into the air by the autogyro’s rotor-blades as it touched down with a bump.
Benny switched off the engine and saw the door of the Soup Shack was wide open. Hnff! he thought. Fancy leaving the door wide open!
He went over to the doorway and looked inside the Soup Shack. No-one there - nothing cooking. Where was Ron?
Benny tried to pull the door shut, but found it was stuck or something was pulling from the other side. He looked and saw the harpoon stuck in the door. Flipping fishcakes! he thought. He pulled the harpoon out of the door and it was jerked out of his hand by the weight of the snowball. Ooops! Maybe I shouldn’t have done that! thought Benny.

© David Severn 2012

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