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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

day forty-seven & forty-ate on the hotel patio

Sir Wellington Moonboots, the celebrated engineer spider passed by. He took a good look at the big web the spiders had made. 
"That's a big one! he said. 
He ran around the spiral thread and up and down the radials. He checked the main rigging, mainstays and anchor points. He scrutinised some knots. He climbed the impedial and expedial ladders. He performed flexibility and tensile integrity tests and measured the thread-width for conformity to the official standard. He evaluated the specifics and made a  general assessment and finally said, "Good job, boys!"


  1. Dear Sirs,
    I am an honest and hardworking fly from Nairobi on my way to the South Pole. As this hour happens to be my regular siesta time, would you please lend me a quiet patio with a hammock to take about 2x2x2x5 winks?
    Zigzag, explorer fly

  2. Dear Zigzag,
    Please take airway 246 and get off at junction 3,011 for Kola Nut Hotel, where you will find a large, comfortable hammock. Please bring your friends and acquaintances - all welcome!

  3. It was a nice and easy flight for our humble tribe of exactly 2011 flies all the way up to the junction. But unfortunately we had to stop here. Our witch-doctor strictly warned us about the disastrous omen of the prime numbers 3 and 11 appearing together, especially in this order. Now the elders of the tribe are having a meeting to decide what shortcut or roundtrip to take to the Kola Nut Hotel. We want to get there as soon as possible.