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Sunday, 15 July 2012

day forty-eight and a hero

Ron ate the soup Benny had made (beetroot, for it's restorative power) and felt much better. His aching eyelids, beak, wing-arms and other parts were soothed and he felt strong enough to stand up. He wanted to look in a mirror, but Benny said he didn't have one, so Ron picked up a spoon and examined himself in that. 
Well, his quiff was wonky but he could soon fix that... and the black eye... well it looked kind of cool! Ron set about restoring his hair with his silver comb while Benny explained that Emperor Peng Win had heard about Ron fixing the hole in the airship and saving the lives of all the passengers and crew, and wanted to personally say well done and thank you. "You're a hero!" added Benny. Ron was just absorbing that when Benny suddenly exclaimed, "That's him!"
"Unh?" said Ron, still holding comb and spoon.
"The Emperor is here!" said Benny. "I can hear the Imperial Zeppelin!"

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