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Saturday, 14 July 2012

day forty-eight

Ron tried to open his eyes, but his eyelids hurt. He tried to lift himself but his wing-arms ached. He supposed he must have hit the frozen ground and broken all of his bones. Just got to wait for some beasts to come and eat me now, he thought. But the ground actually felt quite soft and warm, and there was a smell of food in the air. Soup!
"Are you awake, Ron?" said Benny. "Wake up!"
Ron then did open his eyes and found he was in Benny's Soup Shack!
"How did I get here?" asked Ron.
"I brought you here in my rotor-sledge - you were unconscious," replied Benny.
"But I fell!" exclaimed Ron.
"Yes, but you're all right. I'll tell you what happened later. Right now you've got to have some soup and get ready for an important visitor!" Benny said.
"Unh?" grunted Ron.
"Emperor Peng Win wants to meet you!" Benny said.

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