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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

day fifty-one and the new uniform has an immediate effect

Ron walked around on the ledge outside the Soup Shack, looking for the mystery birdlady, but there was no-one there. He looked around and saw Captain Peters Cookie and his crew standing at the door of the Airship Mini. They saluted.
Ron, hampered by the big parcel, fumbled a salute back and went to the door of the Soup Shack. 
“I think she must be a spy!” Ron said to Fred.
“Or maybe you imagined her!” said Fred cheerfully.
“Hnf!” said Ron, unlocking the door of the Soup Shack and entering.  Once inside, he undid the parcel and looked at the brilliant mountain policebirdforce uniform. 
“Wow!” said Ron.
”Wow!” said Fred.
Ron immediately took the uniform into the small cabin at the back of the shack and changed into it.
He looked at himself in the small dusty mirror. The scarlet tunic with the big silver buttons (the ones found in the butler’s coat pockets in the courtroom) looked great, and the fawn felt hat was wonderful and the trousers with the stripe down the side were cool and the shiny brown boots were fantastic.
“Pretty good!” said Ron.
“You look like a policebird officer!” said Fred.
“Yeah!” said Ron. “I feel like one too!”
Ron really did suddenly feel like a crime-buster, a clue-hunter...
“Footprints!” shouted Ron suddenly.

© David Severn 2012

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