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Saturday, 8 September 2012

day fifty-one and Benny amazes

The Emperor introduced Benny to the Imperial Kitchen’s headchef, who Benny was going to take over from on his impending retirement.
Benny got kitted out in his starchy whites and tall chef’s toque and washed his hands. 
“Ow!” shouted Benny. 
“The hot water’s very hot so be careful,” said the head-chef. 
“Thanks for telling me!” said Benny, blowing on his scalded mits.
“You’ll have to learn on the job, today, I’m afraid. The Emperor’s got some V.I.P.s coming for dinner so it’s all hands on deck, all grist to the mill, take no prisoners and where there’s a will there’s a way.” said the head-chef.
“Nnf!” said Benny.
“First of all, these parsnips need spongifying - can you handle that?” said the head-chef.
“Certainly. Give me the parsnips” said Benny, confidently.

It was amazing. The head-chef was amazed how good Benny was. The head-waiter was amazed and all the waiters were amazed. Benny was also quite amazed. He had been being a bit coy when he said he could only make soup, as in fact, he had developed his cooking skills in the old policebirdforce canteen, but even so he thought he might be a bit rusty. But somehow it all came back to him and he spongified the parsnips just right and everything else the head-chef asked him to do.

© David Severn 2012

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