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Monday, 24 September 2012

day fifty-one and Benny flashes back

Ron continued reading Benny’s report about the spy. If I hadn’t seen her with my own eyes I would not believe all this! thought Ron. 
This part was also concealed inside a recipe.

“Shepherd Spy”

Step 1: Peel potatoes (3-4) and carrots (1-2). I was glad I had brought the spoon! But actually, I had intended to use it for another purpose. I landed the rotor-sledge on a level area on the mountain-side and got out.

Step 2: Fry the meat with onions and season appropriately. I took the spoon from my pocket again and held it up, trying to get the angle just right to reflect the sun to the right spot on the far mountain.
“I have got the beetroot soup recipe.” I flashed. I waited a few seconds.
“You have done well, Agent 246.” came the reply. Whoever it was on the other mountain top, they obviously didn’t realise that it was actually me signalling and not the spy.
“What should I do with it?” I signalled.
“You must memorise it and then eat it,” they flashed back. 
“ Eat it?”
“Yes, it must be destroyed to make sure it does not fall into the hands of the Emperor,” they replied. “S.M.I.R.K. is pleased with your work, Agent 246. When you return you will be amply rewarded. And by the way, your spelling is much improved!”

I can’t believe this! thought Ron. S.M.I.R.K.?!

Step 3: Make a nice thick gravy and put it over the meat in an oven-proof dish. I went straight back to the Soup Shack and tore out the beetroot soup recipe from the recipe book and ate it.

Step 4: Put the mashed potatoes on top of the meat and gravy and bake in the oven or under the grill untill the top is nice and brown. 

There were no more entries by Benny from this point. Ron tried to figure out what must have happened next.
The spy must have broken into the Soup Shack as soon as Benny came to rescue me when the airship was attacked by the snow-mice. She would have found the page with the beetroot soup recipe was torn out. When the Emperor came to visit, Benny made beetroot soup to make sure he had memorised the recipe and served it to the Emperor and it was good. Then the spy must have stealthily boarded the Imperial Zeppelin when we were seized by the Emperor. The spy didn’t know that Benny gave the beetroot soup recipe to the Emperor after we were released from custardy, and assumed that he had told it to me, so she impudently travelled back with me in the Airship Mini. In fact, Benny did not tell me the recipe.

Ron explained all this to Fred.
“What do you think?” Ron asked.
“I think it’s time for bed, said Fred.

© David Severn 2012

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