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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

day forty-eight back on the big web

Back on the patio of the Kola Nut Hotel, spiders from all around heard about the wonderful web that Fred and his friends had built and went to see it. Before long the web was creaking under the weight of all the spiders. 
Fred and Sir Wellington Moonboots were at the end of one of the central main axiparticular threads, where Sir Wellington was explaining how a Stanley brace would give it more flexibility.
“I’ll show you,” he said, untying the knot and giving the two ends to Fred. “Don’t let go whatever you do!” he said.
Fred could feel the strong pull of the thread but he held it tightly. Sir Wellington was busy spinning a brace. “Won’t be long now,” he said.
Suddenly there was a jerk on the thread Fred was holding. A party of ninety spiders had just jumped onto the web. Sir Wellington looked in horror as Fred’s legs were stretched to breaking point.
“Let go!” he cried.
Fred let go of the knot and was shot at great speed up into the air. In an instant he was way up above the palm trees of the Kola Nut Hotel. A few seconds later he was sitting on top of a cloud - one of a convoy of vaguely duck-shaped clouds heading north. Fred’s legs ached, but he was o.k. It was getting very cold though.

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