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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

day fifty and a party

The butler confessed to the crime and was led away to the dungeon. He thought his master, the Emperor’s uncle should have become ruler even though he was a loon, and he had snowballed the Emperor to frighten him off. Needless to say, the Emperor’s uncle had nothing to do with this treachery. (At his trial, he butler pleaded guilty and was given a reduced sentence of two years hard labour at the ice cube works. The Emperor’s uncle turned up at the courtroom in pyjamas and a sombrero having had to dress himself.)

That night, after the trial of Benny and Ron, the Emperor threw a big party. Benny and Ron were given the reception their heroic deeds deserved, and they wined and dined and danced with the most beautiful birdladies in the Penguin Empire. Ron was wearing the gold medal the Emperor had awarded him, which had been confiscated for the duration of the trial, and it swung around his neck on it’s ribbon as he danced. Later on the Emperor and the Empress left the party for a nostalgic waltz around the moonlit courtyard.
Ron and Benny finally took a break after a particularly energetic traditional Far Northern Flipper dance. 
“So, Benny,” said Ron, getting his breath back. “You were going to tell me how I survived the fall from the airship. How come I escaped with just a black eye?”
This time there was no interruption. “You flew, Ron.” said Benny.

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