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Friday, 2 December 2011

refreshments needed

Update from Bill & Bobby: we are still busy at the marsh but we have run out of refreshments. Please bring some sandwiches, biscuits etc. (Preferably not straw and marmalade sandwiches as we have had enough) (broken biscuits are not suitable) (drinks should be hot tea) (no fruit, just in case) (cakes are welcome as long as they do not exceed the icing-tolerance threshold observance order recommendations as itemised in the policebirdforce leaflet amendment 42, section 56, chapter 8, volume 19, appendix 473) (thank you) (actually some cooked rhubarb would be nice) (but no fresh fruit) (if you are determined to bring fresh fruit, or are unable to understand this message, please take the fruit to the policebirdbox and we will scoff it later, when we are back) (if you do intend to deliver fruit, please regard the regulations posted outside the policebirdbox pertaining to cart-parking, stopping, loading/unloading, dropping off, reversing, loud bangs and other noises between what-time and what-time, and all fruit-by-fruit safety procedures - a list of these is posted on the wall somewhere) (thank you) (rhubarb must be in the form of rhubarb and custard, as defined in the policebirdforce handbook on desserts and puddings) (or crumble is yum-yum) (thank you).

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