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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

#159 day sixty-four and onboard entertainment

Admiral Spicerack led the way in his yacht with the newly-wed couple, followed closely by the airship with everyone else on board. Ron took it easy in the cabin, as Miss Wu had insisted she could perform the role of Capt. Cookie’s co-pilot, having read “Teach Yourself Co-Piloting An Airship” while the captain and Ron had gone to rescue Winterbottom from the Moon. The steward, now completely recovered from his strange and frightening lunar experience, led a sing-a-long accompanied by Skates on the doorbell piano. 

The admiral looked through his telescope and espied the plume of smoke rising from the Sunday Afternoon volcano. He did a quick manipulation on his sextant and shouted: “Two degrees to port!”
“Aye!” Temples and Singsong shouted back and turned the yacht’s large wheel a little bit to the left.
The admiral was looking through his telescope again: “Fantastic sunset!” he said, taking a swig from a miniature bottle of rum he had hidden under one of his epaulettes. Temples and Singsong sniggered.
“Oh, I see..” he said, realising there was a mackerel stuck to the end of his telescope.

“Two little ducks!...” said Capt. Cookie into his microphone. “Twenty-two!” 
On the airship, a game of bingo was underway. In the cockpit, Miss Wu took the balls out of a black bag, and Capt. Cookie announced them. In the cabin, everyone pounced on a number with their dabbers or stared at their cards in anxious silence. “Two fat penguins.....Eighty-eight!”

Back on the yacht, an albatross cruised alongside and jumped into the crows’ nest at the top of the main mast. It had an accordian around it’s neck and started to play a jolly nautical tune. On the deck the admiral couldn’t help dancing a hornpipe. Temples and Singsong joined in.

“Bingo!” shouted Spa Bruno the walrus, dabbing the last number on his card. 
“Nuhh..” said the other passengers. 
“I only needed one...” said some. 
Bruno went up to the cockpit to get his prize, which was an Imperial Airlines pen and notebook. 
“Thank you very much!” he said, swallowing the notebook.

“Aerobot ahoy!” Back on the yacht the admiral was looking through his fish-free telescope again and could see their destination up ahead.  “Steady as she goes!” he cried.
“Aye!” said Temples and Singsong together. As they got closer, they could see the fantastic thing called Aerobot hanging in the sky.
“Wow!” they said together.

© David Severn 2013

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