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Friday, 1 February 2013

#156: day sixty-three and a large marrow

Tusks remained in the exotic garden to make sure Chops, the dinosaur, didn’t get out of the net, while Miss Wu went to the vegetable garden to get something green and fresh to satisfy Chops’ terrible appetite.
She returned a short while later with a large basket full of cabbages, lettuce, onions and runner beans and started feeding them to the dinosaur as she had promised.
Ravenous Chops ate quickly and soon the basket was empty.
Burp!” said Chops. “Can you let me go now?” 
“No. Sorry,” said Tusks. “You’ll just destroy more of our precious exotic plants. I’m not putting my Brocolli Stupendous at risk!”
“You said I could have a marrow too,” said Chops to Miss Wu.
“Mmm..well...” said Wu, hesitating. “Actually there’s only one. It’s my prize marrow. I was going to enter it in a show, but I suppose you can have it.”
And Wu went back to the vegetable garden and returned a few minutes later with an enormous marrow in a wheelbarrow.
“Marrowus Giganticus!” exclaimed Tusks.
“Yes, it’s a big one!” said Miss Wu. “Temples and Singsong had to help me lift it!”
“It’s a prize-winner for sure!” said Tusks.
“Can I eat it now?” said Chops, salivating.
Just then, there was a whirring sound up in the sky and they all looked up at something large looming out of the dark night sky.
“Wow!” said Chops. “Look at that marrow! It’s massive!”
“The airship!” cried Tusks.
“Capt. Cookie!” cried Miss Wu.
“Burp!” said Chops.
The airship passed low over the exotic garden and disappeared behind the hotel. Miss Wu ran to find it while Tusks remained to officiate the marrow/dinosaur arrangements.
Miss Wu was relieved to see the airship had landed outside the hotel, with Capt. Cookie and Ron in the cockpit. She was pleased to see Winterbottom opening the door; the rescue mission had been a success!
Wu was surprised to see Wildmouth getting off (I thought the hotel was quiet tonight! she thought). She was more surprised to see the four other abductees disembarking.
Oh! she thought. Where am I going to find room for them?!

© David Severn 2013

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