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Friday, 1 June 2012

Ron's Summer Holiday - day forty-seven and eleven-twelfths

The captain got his coffee and left the Soup Shack, followed by the airship's crew and passengers. Benny started clearing the tables. "Hello. My name's Ron. Er... I know your brothers Bill & Bobby," I said to him. The birdman looked at me sternly for what felt like five minutes. Eventually he said, "Oh! How are they doing? Are they keeping law and order?" 
"Er.. yes, I think so," I reply. 
"What are you doing here? You're a long way from home!" said Benny.
I explain how I came to be on the airship - about the Cocktail Lounge and the rope and everything. "I see," said Benny, "Yes, ropes can be tricky things. According to the Policebird Force Manual, Section 31, paragraph 89, article 3, sub-section 99:"Dangling ropes and string", you are advised to report the dangle to a policebirdman or deputy, or a qualified rock-climber, or ancient fisherman, or candle-maker." Now I'm 101% sure I'm speaking to an ex-policebirdman!
Benny continued for a few minutes with more details from the Policebird Force Manual, including what to do with coiled ropes, rope-ladders, how to get money for old rope etc.
Just then, Benny's monologue was interrupted by the sound of three blasts from the airship's trumpet. "You'd better go - the airship's about to leave," Benny said.

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