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Monday, 26 March 2012

Ron's Summer Holiday - day forty-seven

I walked into the Cocktail Lounge as usual one afternoon and saw a rope dangling down through the open window. It made me jump - I thought the snake invader had sneaked back in! But it was just a rope. Naturally, I grabbed the rope and gave it a tug. The next thing I knew I was pulled through the window and up into the air! The rope was attached to a passing airship. In just a few moments I was high up in the sky, dangling over the countryside around the Kola Nut Hotel. The airship continued to rise with me on the end of the rope, and after a minute I could see most of Strawberryjamshire and some of Chips County spread out below. The view was good but I was beginning to lose my grip. I could see Watercolour Lake in the distance and I knew if I could just hang on till the airship went over it I could let go and land in the water. But could I hang on that long?!

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