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Monday, 7 January 2013

day sixty-three and a substitute co-pilot is found

Meanwhile, back at the Kola Nut Hotel, it was starting to get dark. Russell Tusks had gone into the exotic garden to find Temples, the co-pilot and Singsong, the flight attendant.
“I hope he finds them soon!” said Capt. Cookie. “The Moon will be coming up soon and I need my crew to help me rescue Winterbottom!”
“Tusks said he’d blow three loud blasts on his trunk when he found them,” said Miss Wu, looking anxiously at the window, where the sky was getting dark.

Back on the dark side of the Moon, Winterbottom was being driven in a police moon-cart by the police-insect. They drove about a kilometre from the police-station in the darkness and were now approaching what looked like a string of big lanterns, but which turned out to be a row of tents. The police-insect stopped the moon-cart. 
“Here’s your tent,” it said, handing Winterbottom a large canvas bundle tied up with rope. “Someone will show you how to put it up.”
“Wait a minute!” said Winterbottom. “I don’t understand! What...”
“Have a pleasant stay!” said the police-insect zooming off in the moon-cart.

At the hotel there was still no signal from Tusks. 
“The Moon’s coming up!” said the captain. “ I must go! But I need a co-pilot! Miss Wu, can you be my co-pilot?”
“I’d love to!” said Wu. “But I have to stay here to look after the guests. I can’t leave them on their own with Wildmouth. Anything could happen!”
“What about the bellboybird?” asked Cookie.
“It’s Skates’ night off I’m afraid,” said Miss Wu.
“Admiral Spicerack?” said Cookie.
“He drank a barrel of rum” said Wu.
Just then, Ron wandered into the lobby.
“What’s happening?” he said.

Back on the Moon, Winterbottom undid the bundle and wondered how on earth to turn the chaos of canvas, ropes and poles into a tent.
“Excuse me,” he said, leaning towards the front of the nearest tent, which was lit up inside. The tent was unzipped and a masked face appeared.
”Oh, hello...err... ” said Winterbottom. “My name’s Winterbottom. I wonder if you could help me put my tent up?”
The masked man stepped out of his tent nimbly. He was wearing a brightly-coloured costume. He did a few somersaults and cartwheels and then then put up Winterbottom’s tent in a few seconds.
“Thank you!” said Winterbottom.
The acrobat smiled and went back inside his tent with an agile step and zip.
Before Winterbottom could get inside his tent though, he heard footsteps and turned to find a dinosaur coming straight for him.

© David Severn 2013

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