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Friday, 7 December 2012

day sixty-one and a surprise

The airship slowed down and down, and Capt. Cookie was forced to land. The crew and passengers all watched as the Moose Brothers’ Skycruiser continued unchallenged to the Kola Nut Hotel.
“Looks like we’re scuppered, skipper,” said the co-pilot.
“Mmm... if only we’d had a little more oil, we could have done it,” said the captain as they saw the Skycruiser approach the hotel...... and fly straight on!
“It’s not stopping after all!” cried the co-pilot.
“Ahem... Ladybirds and gentlebirdmen!” announced the captain into the microphone. “Please disembark and we will walk the short distance to the hotel. Please take all your belongings with you!”
“Hooray!” cheered all the passengers, flinging off their seatbelts and excitedly getting their luggage down from the overhead compartments.
When all the passengers had disembarked, the steward, Commander Winterbottom, and the stewardess, Supervisor Singsong, led the way to the hotel which was about a hundred-and-fifty metres away.
In the cockpit, Capt. Cookie and Lieutenant Temples did a few diagnostics and a bit of paperwork and then locked the airship and followed the others.
Ron was thrilled to be returning to the Kola Nut Hotel, where his adventure in the Chilly Peaks had all started when he pulled the rope that was dangling through the cocktail lounge window.
A bellboybird at the hotel saw them coming and went out to meet them. His name was Skates. He put all the passengers bags on a luggage trolley and led them into the hotel lobby, where the manager at the desk, Miss Wu, scrambled to find available rooms and spare hammocks for them all.  She put ten penguins together in one room and eight more in another. The seals and sea-otters shared a room and Fattum the walrus got a room to himself. Supervisor Singsong was given a single room and Capt. Cookie, Temples and Winterbottom were allocated the roof. Ron was accomodated on the patio with Fred and his spider friends.

© David Severn 2012

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