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Friday, 19 August 2011

evening two - Comfy Roberts' hostel-bar stroke cabinet

Postcard from Ron

Dear Percy & friends

Have escaped from the B.G. Forest and now in a sort of hostel-bar stroke cabinet. The owner is a big white bear called Comfy Roberts, who is just throwing out two drunken badgers who were causing trouble and broke a table leg. Mr. Roberts is actually very friendly and it's fun listening to stories from his colourful life. I'm drinking a grain twisty and a jug of sparkling river water.

(No animals were hurt in the making of this postcard.)
(But the badgers have got a hangover.)
(The table leg is o.k.)


  1. Thank you for the bear-friendly attitude so far in your mostcards.

  2. Dear BMW, I hope to see you at the bear's annual summit/snack festival again this year.
    Foundation Bear